In 1907, Gaetano Faella turned his attention to what in Gragnano had been a true art for centuries: the production of durum wheat pasta.

Over time, Pastificio Faella produces pasta using the finest durum wheat flour mixtures, slowly kneading the dough and using a traditional bronze extrusion die. They also use the old method of slow drying pasta (from 18 to 48 hours). Such a long and meticulous process results in obtaining a final product with a perfect consistency, great smell and traditional taste. In the production of Faella pasta, an important element is the cooperation with trusted mills from which flour mixtures are derived. Flour mixtures ensure a high-quality product and customer satisfaction.

From 2013, the first IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) awarded by the European Union was for Pastificio Faella. It is a recognition of an artisanal product closely related to the territory of Gragnano, which for centuries has been producing pasta, its pride and symbol all over the world.