Stefano Ferrara Forni are traditional Neapolitan handcrafted pizza ovens. Each oven is prepared on an individual order. The stoves have a beautiful classic Neapolitan design and are available in wood, gas and electric fired versions.

Stefano Ferrara ovens can be found in many popular and famous pizzerias in Naples and around the world. In Poland, Natuvito is a distributor and promoter of the Stefano Ferrara Forni brand.
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Stefano Ferrara grew up in a multi-generational tradition of craftsmanship from the very childhood. He built his first furnace together with his father, also a respected and recognized craftsman, at the age of 13! The customer was the famous Neapolitan pizzeria Brandi. Since then, it has become his real passion.

Today, thanks to his passion and attention to details, Stefano Ferrara’s handmade brick ovens guarantee the best performance in baking and keeping warm. They are unique Neapolitan handicrafts, highly valued and sought after all over the world.

Stefano Ferrara stoves are handcrafted by specialized craftsmen – real artists in their trade; they work meticulously,  according to the old Neapolitan tradition. They can be adapted to almost any available space in a pizzeria or restaurant.

Stefano Ferrara ovens easily reach and maintain the uniform temperature of 450-500 degrees Celsius – necessary for the preparation of traditional Neapolitan pizza.