Neapolitan pizza is one of the most famous pizza without discussion, but i’ve also eaten some very good in New York, Nice, Paris and they were almost better than those baked today in the Neapolitan bay. On the one hand, neapolitans could fear that they will lose their primacy. In my opinion, the statement, that their pizza has conquered the world, should be a reason for pride.

Sophia Loren

Natuvito is a team of positively crazy people for whom Neapolitan pizza is a real passion. We want to support everyone who, like us, has an equally passionate feeling for it.

Team Natuvito


AVPN Poland

Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, is a non-profit association based in Naples, founded in 1984. The aim of the association is to distribute and preserve, in Italy and in the world, a real Neapolitan pizza: a typical product of Naples, prepared according to a recipe in an international codex.

Forni Rossi 543

Forni Rossi is the first certified Neapolitan pizzeria in Poland. We prepare our pizza according to a traditional recipe and only from original Italian ingredients